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Lukami, Kagka, Lugami, Viperami, Vipergami, Ryuuka, Viperyuuko. Welcome to the Fandom! Suddenly, someone came through our bakery door. "Sure! She also seems to like guys who play on instruments, she had dreamy expression while listening to Adrien’s piano, so she should enjoy Luka’s guitar too. Most likely, but it's not confirmed. The same is true with Kagami, Marinette, and Luka. Hey everyone! I'm coming papa!' Luka and Kagami would balance each other's personalities out. She is too serious about everything and strict with herself, so Luka will help her chill. wants to make sure they’re surrounded by people who will protect them and never leave them. Luka was desperate for answers and Kagami found herself tapping into that energy Luka texted her later that night, after she and Mari spent the afternoon hanging out. Wayzz for the man and both Trixx and Mullo for his cousin now that Alya was deemed on … I feel Kagami is a good character and Luka is a bad one. Along with depicting Luka and Kagami as a male Ladybug and female Cat Noir, for fun. Lukagami is the het ship between Luka Couffaine and Kagami Tsurugi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. xreader, adrienagreste, fiction. The two were later freed from her control when Ladybug and Cat noir defeated Miracle Queen. 2019-07-03 - Explore Julekaja's board "Luka & Kagami" on Pinterest. I responded. But the question remains, can the same be said for Kagami? Kagami and Adrien. Set in modern-day Paris, the series focuses on a teenaged girl Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her classmate Adrien Agreste. Luka Confession to Kagami [Silencer Alternate AU] (Fanmade … "Oh, I'm sorry. Miraculous ladybug. I was getting tired of seeing Adrien with Kagami. When Kagami enters Collège Françoise Dupont all she hoped for was getting a friend but she got … He left Kitty Section after a while, not liking the attitude of the group as a whole. A common trope is having Kagami falling for Viperion before falling for Luka. Miraculous Ladybug And unlike luka she is willing to tell adrien that he needs to choose. I'm Mayanette, a Discussion Moderator, but you can call me Maya for short. Luka is doing pretty well for himself. As he shows her, her own inner song. Luka & Kagami in DCC AU. See more ideas about biedronka, komiksy, czarny kot. I cared about the whole world, because of you. Asking for Ladybug advice leads to a friendship between Luka and Chat Noir. "Sure! 2019-07-03 - Explore Julekaja's board "Luka & Kagami" on Pinterest. “Doesn’t have to be. Kagami tells Marinette to make her choice between Luka and Adrien. Along with some finding it ironic that Kagami had unknowingly referenced Viperion's superpower of Second Chance, as some began to believe that it could be a hit of Luka possibly becoming Kagami's second chance at love. ChatPace: Carapace and Chat Noir. And is Kagami just friends with Adrien? Also Known As Another thing explored is Luka getting Kagami into music. According to Feri González, both Luka and Kagami aren't limited to the role of alternate love interest. Coincidentally, they both get rejected on the same day. Character He looked with concern at Marinette, but she didn't see him, her eyes fixed on the TV screen. Kagami x Luka 1.3K Reads 35 Votes 4 Part Story. Read Luka y Kagami from the story Cómics de Miraculous Ladybug by Ladydrakula with 10,891 reads. "Marinette! We've seen it a hundred times in fiction. Kagami would help him with being more active and assertive. Their hero identities caused Lukagami to become much more popular, than it originally was when the ship first began during season two. ChloChat: Chloe and Chat Noir. She accepts this but, unlike Luka, she does get akumatized. Kagami would have been a good girlfriend for Adrien while Luka and Marinette would make a great couple. Będą jak postacie wspierające, które zachęcają Marinette i Adriena. Canonical? And oh yeah Lila is still causing trouble every where and Gabriel is having a fashion retreat with Audrey Bourgeois and has been so kind as to provide travel expenses for Adrien's new friends Kagami Tsurugi and Luka Couffaine for a class trip that happens to be in Gotham far FAAAAR away from Paris. Lukagaminette is the polyship ship between Kagami Tsurugi, Marinette Dupain-Cheng Luka has a lot in common with Adrien, but I think the reasons that Kagami likes Adrien are ways in which he is different than Luka. Meanwhile, Kagami confesses to Adrien as well, and Adrien also turns her down. BeeNoir: Queen Bee and Chat Noir. Kagami began stretching and jogging in place to seem less suspicious. Luka and Adrien/Marinette and Kagami Moments | Season 2-3 - … If you force Luka and Kagami together for a while I think that a strong chemistry could develop, but their natural preferences prevent that or make it less likely. Luka Couffaine/Kagami Tsurugi; Luka Couffaine; Kagami Tsurugi; Musicians; Fluff; Alternate Universe; Summary. Status of Relationship It was Luka, he had his guitar. Like Marinette and Adrien, Luka wears a pair of earrings while Kagami bears a ring. Lukagami also has support on other fan supporting websites, like Tumblr, Deviantart and YouTube. See more ideas about biedronka, komiksy, czarny kot. Luka has a lot in common with Adrien, but I think the reasons that Kagami likes Adrien are ways in which he is different than Luka. In "Miracle Queen", both Luka and Kagami displayed an act of selflessness as they get Marinette and Adrien away from Miracle Queen's wasps, but end up getting themselves placed under the villain's mind control. (although to me it sounded like she was guilt tripping him)While luka is just there knowing marinette is inlove with adrien and says nothing about it. Over the past week, two new Miraculous Secrets have been released on the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube Channel. And Kagami, she's protecting Adrien everyday. I responded. Luka and Kagami are later seen standing beside one another as they bow before their queen. Just as Kagami had used the Dragon Miraculous' power to save someone from a villain's grasps in "Ikari Gozen", and because she doesn't know what Luka's temporally superpower is she believes that love is something that people can't have a "second chance" at. The events of both "Frozer" and "Miracle Queen" allowed fans to see that Luka and Kagami aren't so different from one another when it comes to those they care about, in which would allow them to get along with one another and helps to give the ship support. FANON https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Lukagami?oldid=275322. Ladybug and Chat have a hard time trying to de-evilise Kagami, but all of a sudden Luka tells her that he knows what she’s feeling. There is no confirmation on why Luka and Kagami Kagami akumatized again. NiNoir: Nino and Chat Noir. While a brief moment from "Mayura" got a few Lukagami fans to have a little joke on Tumblr about how Kagami met her "future mother-in-law" [1]. So hey everyone! Luka continued. Both Luka and Kagamis' mothers have famous reputations that are related to their main hobbies. I got off my bed and head downstairs. Kagami returns to the ice rink with Luka, but she might've gotten a few signals crossed. Unfortunately, it is pretty clear that the end game couple is Adrien/Marinette so the best they could hope for is to date them for a while only to break up … Luka i Kagami pomogą głównym bohaterom w rozwoju,a także wywołają nowe emocje i konflikty. (Loosely based on Cinderella) Series. Read 2. Lukami, Kagka, Lugami, Viperami, Vipergami, Ryuuka, Viperyuuko, Luka Protect Kagami (Miracle Queen Alternate AU) FANMADE SCENE, Luka Kagami I Was Born With a Broken Heart. Even though Chloé's actions have placed Luka in the same type of danger that Kagami has been in since the events of "Ikari Gozen". But there's one problem: Is Luka just friends with Marinette or a couple? Kagami, Episode 48 of Miraculous Ladybug: Chat Noir and Luka in WEBTOON. Lila, Kagami i Luka from the story Pamiętnik miraculum by Kamizka with 660 reads. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. While fanfiction.net has 118 with only 15 placed under pairing. Unknown Fans see that their Miraculous could link Kagami and Luka together, that is why some of the ship's fan art make references to their snake and dragon hero themes. Luka and Kagami: Here Felix The Alliance. Adrien's kind and respected words and gestors towards Kagami, when they meet up for fencing training/lessons and are spending a day together, had led to her devolving feelings for him and gets hostile towards girls who try to gain his affections, or would want her to back off him. Both Luka and Marinette come with a lot of contingency plans, while Kagami leads the combat training with the help of the new turtle; Adrien however recruits Gorilla and Félix as temporary heroes. W koreańskim albumie z naklejkami dodano portret dziewczyny w nowym ubraniu, który wyglądem przypomina szkolny mundurek. If you force Luka and Kagami together for a while I think that a strong chemistry could develop, but their natural preferences prevent that or make it less likely. AlyChat: Alya and Chat Noir. There have even been times where fans have it the other way round with Luka falling for Ryuko before falling for Kagami. The same is true with Kagami, Marinette, and Luka. But then, we saw she had an actual personality of her own and had actual wants and desires that wasn't just conforming to the trope that she was a part of. r/miraculousladybug. Suddenly, someone came through our bakery door. "It smelled, like tuna." RenaChat: Rena Rouge and … Kagami is a slender pale-skinned Japanese teenager of average height with short dark blue hair swept to the left that has light blue reflections, sharp yellow-brown eyes and visible freckles. Some art will have the two wearing Japanese style clothing. Lukagami Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kagami handed her bags to the hulking driver and slid into the limo, sitting down beside a smiling Adrien in her usual red fencing attire. After season three many fans hope that the two would meet each other as their alter egos. Ch 7 - Platonic Lukagami, background Adrinette, Adrigami and Lukanette: Warm and comfortable in Luka's apartment, Kagami and Luka open up to each other. I was getting tired of seeing Adrien with Kagami. Miraculous™ is a trademark of ZAG Animation and ON Entertainment. View Entire Discussion (21 Comments) More posts from the miraculousladybug community. However! My dad yelled. With Hawk Moth knowing that the two are Viperion and Ryuko. It took everyone a rather long time to disappear around the corner, but once they were gone, Kagami urged Luka to come our. "It smelled in that alley." Luka could see it in her face though, the realisation that Adrien had not been dating Kagami. miraculum, miłość, adrienette. Discussion Categorizing @Mad0987. Kagami said. I mean I pretty much decided for them to be together. Or just a couple? Her friend had been as kind as ever, inviting her to a fencing retreat so prestigious, even her mother could hardly find fault in sending her along without a chaperone. He didn’t want to be involved with all the negativity ; So he struck out solo, and went on tour with Jagged Stone, who quickly started thinking of him as a son. Come help me bake!" I got off my bed and head downstairs. KagamiNoir: Kagami and Chat Noir. Come help me bake!" I mean I pretty much decided for them to be together. Kagami Tsurugi By Sham_172 Ongoing - Updated Nov 05, 2018 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Character Read Luka and Kagami from the story The Girl Code (Chat Noir X Reader) by T-Recruiter (»ѕєνєи«) with 2,293 reads. On AO3, Lukagami is the third most written ship for Luka and Kagami. xreader, adrienagreste, fiction. Luka Couffaine/Kagami Tsurugi (257) Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug (176) Alya Césaire/Nino Lahiffe (124) Luka Couffaine/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug (53) Juleka Couffaine/Rose Lavillant (48) Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Kagami Tsurugi (40) Ivan Bruel/Mylène Haprèle (37) Marc Anciel/Nathaniel Kurtzberg (34) The episode Félix revealed that Luka would be happy for Marinette if she were to choose Adrien instead of him, so if Marinette decides later on in the series to breakup with Luka to be with Adrien, Luka would undoubtedly respect her wishes and be happy for them. Both of their entrusted Miraculouses are focused around reptile animals, a snake and dragon. Luka has been showing Marinette to cool down. Luka and Kagami don't really know each other, but their paths have crossed when they both went to the ice rink with Marinette and Adrien as their "dates", where Luka and Kagami displaying their excellent figure skating-like skills to their inveigle companions in "Frozer". Luka bent down, picking them up and placing them on the small table nearby. Even though Luka and Kagami didn't interact with one another in "Desperada", Luka does agree to use the Snake Miraculous to save Kagami and Desprada's other captives. Kagami started off just a boring character who was over driven by her parent to perfection. "Marinette! As we know, Miraculous Ladybug appears to be moving to what I like to call “Transition Ships”. But it hasn't stop fans from having Luka's mother like Kagami, while Kagami's wouldn't be too sure about Luka. Juleka had told him about how “Marinette’s a bully now, harassing Lila and how could she be so cruel, targeting a disabled girl like that” After "Desperada" aired, it gave fans hope that future episodes may give Luka and Kagami chances to properly get to know one another. Kagami just wants one day to herself, without hee mother controlling her every move. Since Luka and Kagami are both alternate love interests for Adrienette many who wanted the ship to become canon paired the two together. i am here with another edit of lugami once again and also ever since i edited lugami video yesterday.. i actually had another idea after i done kagami heartbroken video.... and yeah this video is actually another au of luka confession and instead kagami is here instead of mari so imma explain my silencer alternate au to you guysIts where luka and kagami are now a THING and yeah until one day they heard the news about talent show so its a great for them to released the music out there.. and yeah while kagami was in the circle of the kitty section band... she's also wanna help too but she doesn't know alot of the making design so luka decide to invite mari to come as a help... and kagami will also be luka girlfriend producer and for marinette she help with their band clothes design and stuff... and yeah while they heard the song got stolen both of them go to ask bob roth about him stole their song... before they go kagami told marinette nicely that... \"if you stay closer to luka for 3 feets.... i wont give any mercy to you\" and then she return into nice mode XDDD.... and yeah all the way into the confession scene... luka invite kagami instead of marinette to watch his band playing the new song.. and for marinette she is busy with adrien right now and also i can't believe i did it... i did alot of new stuff in this video like... make kagami walking to see luka playing the music by using marinette legs and add all her clothes in there.... and i also remade kagami eyemovement at some pointed of the scene too ^^ and also i decide to edit something with the endcard too :DAnd also the new video edit might come a little bit late cause i will busy doing a subtitles of oni - chan and bakerix for my country but i promise i return to edit soon as possible :DSo hope you liked it and stay tuned for more :D(For those who hate this ship... leave this page immediately... and dont ever came here to wrote like eww kagami is the worst and the ship is gross.. the hate comment will be delete and for those who doesn't know how to respect someone else ship dont ever come here ever again)Masking: All MineFootage used:Miraculous Ladybug S2 \u0026 S3 (c) ZagtoonThis content belongs to:© On Entertainment© Disney© Zagtoon© Method Animation© Toei Animation© Samg Animation© PGS Entertainment© Thomas Astruc© Jeremy Zag© NetflixDISCLAIMER:Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for «fair use» for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. the refined lady said. https://miraculousladybug.fandom.com/f/p/3133492267319599260

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