kpop groups that will disband in 2021

While it is always fun to think about such things, here are some points which Kpopmap thought would be expected to happen in 2021. Here’s a list of some K-Pop groups who disbanded for strange reasons. It's easy to keep being together if all of them are interested in music. Sunny Hill. . Whether it be due to their contracts expiring or for their lack of popularity both domestically and internationally, these groups could be disbanding in 2021. These cookies do not store any personal information. More female K-Pop groups to debut. ... 14 January 2021. KINGDOM, TRI.BE And Few Others Are In The List. 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With just two members left in the group and no addition of new members, there is a strong chance that JYJ will be one of the K-Pop groups to disband in the near future. During an appearance in "Yoo Hyuiyeol's Sketchbook", member Hoony told aspiring idols to not audition for YG Entertainment. None of them has actress aspirations and the member with the most succesful variety career (Hwasa) says that music is still her top priority. It's easy! We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Powered by Invision Community. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Here are six highly anticipated K-pop #debuts that never made the stage. KINGDOM To TRI.BE- THESE Kpop Idol Groups To Mark Debut In 2021 Kpop Music Industry Is Currently Ruling. Source: KPOP Asiachan. Pre-Debut Kpop Girl Groups: 05Class under J Planet Entertainment Sua, Seoyeon, Yeham, Naeun, Yoonjeong, and Geumhee. Due to the lack of popularity among the general public, it is highly likely they will be disbanding by 2021. In Mamamoo all of them are focused on making music. With Swan's hiatus, Purple Kiss' debut has been delayed for so many months that they will start making money later than planed. The core fanbase would be supportive of this move. Red Velvet debuted in August 2014, and it is highly likely SM Entertainment will announce if the group members will be remaining in … 17:56 GMT Fast And Sad: K-Pop Boy Group ENOi Disbanded 17:28 GMT US Justice Dept. That means every group that debuted in 2014 will soon be starting contract renewal talks with their companies. I think... Mamamoo and RV aren't disbanding for sure. They are not worried about the "7-Year Jinx" in K-pop, as they have seen their sunbaenims promote for much longer than seven years. IZ*ONE Official Twitter Since there are a total of 3 Japanese members, some have been speculating that a couple might return to Japan. 4. These Are The K-Pop Groups Most Likely To Disband in 2021. They promote them well and listen to what the members want much better than other agencies. Their debut date is yet to be set. Perhaps long time K-Pop fans would also reminisce the music that they had released about 10 years ago! Who is going to be the new 'It' idol? It could be a situation like Girls' Generation, where they're technically still a group, but the members are all signed with different companies. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Since Berry Good has had so many lineup changes, I think the members contracts may be ending all at different times, so the new members might have contracts extending past 2021... Mamamoo and Red Velvet aren't going anywhere. Here Are The Idol Groups Which Will Debut In This 2021. Idk though, there's always a chance. According to a report by Koreanboo, the band has openly talked about the 7-year jinx, which means that most bands break up after seven years or even earlier. By Cholisa. Both are the peak of their careers and still have so much to offer to fans. UPDATE: They are called WEi and consists of 4 members! Comebacks for the group are scare despite how successful all their releases have been. Realistically I'd say they should pack and leave. MAMAMOO debuted in Jun 2014, and they will be discussing contract renewals by June 2021. Do you think any of these groups may dissolve? Disbanded Kpop Girl Groups List Disbanded Kpop Girl Groups: *For the active Kpop girl groups please visit: Kpop Girl Groups # 10×10 1NB 1PS 2B2U (One-time collaboration) 2EYES 2NE1 CL Park Bom Sandara Park Minzy 4G 4L 4MINUTE Jihyun Gayoon HyunA JENYER Sohyun 4Some 4Tomorrow * Girl group collaboration project 6MIX (Disbanded pre-debut) 84LY 9MUSES […] With IZ*ONE IZ*ONE debuted in 2018 and was formed through the Mnet survival program, "Produce 48". The founders of JYP and P-Nation will be having an audition survival show "Loud" together through SBS and it seems like they are looking to form a new group too. Also where's Hotshot in this list? SBS Official / SHINee Official Facebook / IZ*ONE Official Twitter. 's contract expiration coming soon in 2021, it is expected that the group will disband and members will return to their original agencies. They even hinted it on their first ever group's live their new V-Live channel. Relating to the infamous 7-year jinx, most K-pop groups will usually disband after their 7-year long contract concludes. You can always count on AKP for some deep journalism and quality content... You would be surprised how alive it is, especially forums.. 2020 has proved that the fandom is fed well enough with solo music + 1 group comeback per year. I don't think Mamamoo will but it wouldn't surprise me if they do like Sistar and disband at the height of their career. However, the group themselves has stated that the seven members all want to keep going as GOT7, with all seven members. Details of the act, such as its name and the number of members, are unknown. Korean pop bands which might disband in 2021 GOT7's latest news. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 1. The group was disbanded in 2015. Every year is a new beginning for K-Pop and along the year no one knows what is going to happen. With IZ*ONE ‘s contract expiration coming soon in 2021, it is expected that the group will disband and members will return to their original agencies. There are several male groups that K-Pop fans have been missing and finally, they are completed as members had left and returned after their mandatory military service. But GOT7 have spoken openly about the so-called “7-year jinx”, which claims most groups will disband by their seventh year or earlier. Photo: @Y0NGLINZY/Twitter RBW’s four-member powerhouse is turning seven in June, and fans are asking whether they will … As IZ*ONE's contract is only meant to last for two years, it is highly likely they will disband by April 2021, as the members need to return to their respective agencies and, for the Japanese members, their respective idol groups. Since there are a total of 3 Japanese members, some have been speculating that a couple might return to Japan. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The group has always maintained popularity in South Korea and is slowly but surely growing a solid fanbase in the West. Gugudan's last comeback was in 2018, and with their future uncertain, it is more than likely that they could be disbanding by 2021. Fast And Sad: K-Pop Boy Group ENOi Disbanded - Monday 25th January 2021 12:57 PM Lynn Beyak, senator who defended residential school system, announces retirement - Monday 25th January 2021 … The group is scheduled to disband by April of 2021, according to numerous reports. On top of that, Yulhee ended up leaving the group in 2017. In 2009, the Korean government created a new law restricting all K-Pop idol contracts to a maximum of 7 years. GOT7 Officially Disbanded. I think that disbandment is too much for Mamamoo. BTS Jungkook’s Tattoo Has Been Revealed. When K-Pop groups disband, most of the time it’s due to the members’ contract ending. Other K-pop idols are also promoting as a group member and, at the same time, as solo artists, which MAMAMOO can do. to Probe if Employees Sought to Alter Election Outcome 17:23 GMT TVXQ's Yunho Launches MV Eeny Meeny Featuring Red Velvet's Seulgi Fans of the group have been upset with YG Entertainment for mistreating the group. I knoww I have spent months thinking about Sistar. [55]. Which group is going to break a record? Amid rumors of the group’s disbanding in April 2021, IZ*ONE is all to make a comeback next month. If you have updates comment below and we will update it as soon as we can! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Groups that completed military service to release new album after long time. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Sistar had an atrocious line distribution where Hyolyn got 60% of the lines. The most extreme thing that could happen is Irene staying out of promotions, "The most likely groups to disbands" proceeds to put all the groups that are renewing in 2021 and produce groups. Some K-pop groups disband after a short time, while some don't make it to their debut at all. There are some similarities. My Everything, GOT7 debuted in January 2014, and it is speculated that JYP Entertainment will announce if the members of GOT7 will be renewing their contracts with the company soon. They debuted in 2014 too and they're pretty much done. That alongside their lack of popularity in both South Korea and internationally, it is highly likely they will be disbanding by 2021. With IZ*ONE 's contract expiration coming soon in 2021, it is expected that the group will disband and members will return to their original agencies. Also where's Hotshot in this list? Due to the reports of member Jinyoung meeting with BH Entertainment to sign an exclusive contract, many people are growing worried over the future of GOT7. They debuted in 2014 too and they're pretty much done. But the list of differences is bigger tbh. 17 June 2020, 16:52 | Updated: 17 June 2020, 16:54. Whether it be due to their contracts expiring or for their lack of popularity both domestically and internationally, these groups could be disbanding in 2021. It's not like 1 annual comeback is rare for Mamamoo. Mamamoo are the breadwinners of the company and RBW still depends a lot on them. Here are 11 K-Pop groups that debuted in 2011, and will be turning all of 10 years old this year! As Winner's Fan, I'm still undecided. SONAMOO is under TS Entertainment, an agency that is notorious for mismanaging their artists, with B.A.P being the most well-known example. Current Kpop Pre-Debut Groups This is a list of the current pre-debut Kpop groups! Entertainment Kpop Girl Group Is Predicted to End Its Contract in 2021. , Highlight You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. That means every group that debuted in 2014 will soon be starting contract renewal talks with their companies in 2021. It marks the first time the company will unveil a girl group in nine years since Glam debuted in 2012. SM Entertainment usually does not formally disband groups. It's one of the best companies in kpop. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. imo mamamoo and rv will most likely not disband but i do think if mamamoo resign they'll focus more on solo projects. LABOUM debuted in August 2014, which means that their company will most likely announce if they will be disbanding or not by August 2021. GOT7’s contract decisions will be announced sometime around January 2021, since they debuted in January 2014. Debut set in late 2020. 8. ©OneHallyu 2021. Mamamoo's line distribution has always been very fair and equal and the only injustice (moonbyul) has been solved since 2018. The members have all debuted as soloists and have successful careers as such. One former member, Taehyun, left the group to focus on his mental health, citing unhappiness in the company. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. BTS signed another seven year deal with BigHit in 2018. Which ITZY Member Are All Members Most Afraid Of? Yellow Bee debuted in 2017 under Addiction Entertainment and disbanded in May 2020. K-pop group Mamamoo. Some of the most popular Korean groups that have disbanded include Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Sistar, Homme, 2AM, and 4Minute. Still, some people speculate that Lovelyz could possibly disband, or some members may choose to leave the group and Woollim Entertainment, by 2021 due to mistreatment and favoritism between members. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Introduced in 2013 by YG Entertainment, the K-pop group is rumored to face its contract expiration in 2021 for the reason that their debut was delayed until 2014. Lovelyz debuted in November 2014, meaning their contracts will soon be up for renewal by November 2021. This also allows K-Pop fans to wonder what is new in store for them. Gugudan debuted in June 2016, meaning they still have until 2023 until their contracts expire. Posted on January 6, 2021 January 6, 2021 The worldwide pandemic is not over yet and it is expected in 2021, more K-Pop contents are going to be released online. Yes, Winner seem to be on good terms - with their fellow Idols, with their own staff, the producers, the dancers. Until discharge, they'll be represented by YGE. These 5 K-pop Groups Disbanded Due to Scandals and Misunderstandings Prior to the debut of now one of the most iconic K-pop boy bands, BTS, girl group GLAM debuted in … Because of these instances, people speculate the group could possibly disband. Make sure to also see which Kpop groups are disbanding in 2019. [...]. Some #Kpop groups disband after a short time, while some don't make it to their debut at all. Laboum has a small fanbase but they're not completely nugu and they're still pretty active. December 29, 2020 in Celebrity News & Gossip. (I have to admit that in 2017 they were getting ready for the 4 Seasons project that was huge and needed tons of preparations bc it lasted like 18 months). I thought Hotshot unofficially disbanded when Sungwoon went solo... they're active on IG and Twitter but it doesn't look like they're planning a comeback. It is expected that a new group will be formed from the company in no time. Earlier in the year, Yoochun, a member of the band, was expelled from the group after failing a drug test. Such groups include INFINITE anyways, the way most of these groups aren't even most likely to disband... i keep forgetting gugudan isn’t technically disbanded yet. They're still at the peak of their career so in any case they could focus more in solo activities but I don't think they'll disband at all. Oneus is not Monsta X. Additionally, fans of the group have spoken up on numerous occasions concerning the mistreatment the group receives from their company, which could be another reason as to why the group could possibly disband. sm groups rarely ever disband and we know that the public still love rv they always gets instant hits so i doubt sm would want to disband them and neither do the members, More the reason why y’all should stream Accio. IZ*ONE debuted in 2018 and was formed through the Mnet survival program, "Produce 48". Red Velvet. I think that Mamamoo are okay with RBW. Red Velvet debuted in August 2014, which means they may disband in August 2021. In 2015 and 2017 they only had one. Because of this, fans are worried that the group could potentially be considering disbandment. Soon, the groups that felt like they debuted just yesterday, become veteran artists in the K-Pop industry, showing off their years of experience and impressive talents over and over again! There is a high chance where we can expect the group to release a group album together before TaeMin's enlistment. If too many of these idols choose not to renew their contracts, the end could be near for these 5 groups. As for the rest of the members, there is also a high chance that the members will return to their respective agencies and debut either under a group or as a solo artist. 5 K-Pop Groups That Might Disband In 2021. Big Hit Entertainment, the management company behind BTS, is planning to launch an all-new K-pop girl group within the year. Because of this, there is a chance Red Velvet will not be disbanding, but fans worry that the girl group will be sent to the "dungeon.". Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. And leaving the company is the #1 reason for disbandment. If most of the idols choose not to renew their contracts, that could mean the end of the 5 groups is approaching. Even if they disband I don't think they will leave RBW. This year will see a flurry of new K-pop bands debuting as some of the big four entertainment companies ― SM, JYP, YG and Big Hit ― and international music labels are preparing to unveil new acts.

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